Our Story

Retro & Summer was born out of our love for sunshine, the ocean, and retro aesthetics. We are fully immersed in the nostalgic charm of the 60s and 70s, infusing R&S designs with fun, playfulness, and sensuality, while allowing "summer" to exude a strong vintage youthfulness.

We are committed to embracing the diverse beauty of women, believing that every body shape and skin color possesses its own unique beauty. Therefore, we strive to include models of different skin tones and body types, creating designs that are both conservative and sexy, offering a wider range of sizes. Our goal is to ensure that every woman can find the perfect swimsuit at R&S.

At the same time, R&S is also making efforts towards sustainability by using paper packaging and biodegradable plastics to minimize our environmental impact.

Join Retro & Summer and let's embrace retro and summer together!